Friday, March 13, 2015

saturn retrograde effects

A retrograde planet doesn't produce any material effect of moving forward in life its time to fruticify the result of whatever has been done and preparation for new burst of activity when it turns direct a positive benefic saturn or negative malefic saturn both will stop your scope of action forward it's time to bear the fruit of labour when saturn turns retrograde . A retrograde planet at birth or in natal therefore shows that you will not do any much activity during that planets dasha but will more recieve the fruits of deed done in past life . SO dasha of any retrograde planets will not leave much scope of activity but you will rather be at the recieving end a benefic retrograde saturn at birth then therefore be a great boon while malefic retrograde saturn at birth can create havoc . So with saturn retrograde on march 2015 as you will on recieving end sudden events out of your control will start to happen they may be very good or too bad to bear . whatever the result a retrograde planet is out of your control it makes you a passive reciever leaving no or little scope for active action . so saturn retrograde never delays it causes torrential pour down of events in life it defintely makes you more lazy, tired and out of energy . Usually people tend to relax in saturn retrograde having done hard work in saturn direct while opposite should be the case. becuse when saturn is retrograde it is busy in delivering results rather than causing delays and frustration which it does in direct motion . Working hard in saturn retrograde can deliver twice the result of when it is direct .      


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