Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is arvind kejriwal a finished chapter in Indian politics

An earlier article by me  on kejriwal was severly criticized by a renowned astrologer claiming that the chart doesn't justify his clearing civil services exam in Rahu dasha and Saturn Antardasha  as jupiter is lord of eighth and rahu doesn't promote such high accompishment and that too in debilitated Saturn Antardasha. So the chart based on birth details of 16 august 1968 is wrong while the date was confirmed by Arvind on one of the talk shows himself

Well the famous astrologer  was too quick to jump to the  conclusion over looking the fact that MR. Arvind was handling work at IRS and not any typical or administrative or police department. And IRS requires strong benefic eighth house and  relation with lord of tenth . while in his chart not only is the eighth house strong as confirmed by numerous other factors but it has association with tenth as well as eleventh house

Lastly no matter how much laughable his position might seem at the present his political career is far from over . Especially so as BJP will not put good show in the last 2.5 years on governance when saturn is in sagitarius and modiji is likely to take many wrong decesions toward end of his term . so it is time for him to consildate a mass base and prepare for comeback . however it is too early to say what will happen in next election and in India politics is an all fool's game and anything is possible