Sunday, February 2, 2014

Willl BJP come to power

Somebody forwarded me the details of BJP . It tells BJP was founded in 6/04/1980 at 11: 45 am at Delhi and asked  do you have Doubt BJP is coming to Power. My opinion is  no I dont have doubt it is better than that Of  Mr.  Modi  . The  question that whether Modi will become PM may have some doubt but that BJP will come as single largest party has little doubt . Currently the party is running dasha of sun with sub of rahu till 8/05/2014 but the election is slated late in may when the party will be running the sun sub jupiter and as country is also running dasha of sun so it will get good seats in general election. It is to be noted that sun is in tenth house in very good position .  But what emerges in the final outcome will be clear only after election because which party comes in power is a matter of number and who becomes prime minister is again relative. Know look at the example of Delhi only BJP was single largest party but who became chief minister it is ARVIND KEJRIWAL . So it is very unpredictable what will happen Sometimes single largest party is not the ruling party. Ab kya Gathjod  banta hai yeh to waqt bateyga.     

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