Sunday, October 6, 2013

vijay malya and curse of saturn

According to sources available on net vijay malya is aquarius ascendant and in tenth house saturn and rahu are together in scorpio causing a shap yoga in the tenth house. IT is said tamsic grah always produce extreme effect in life either the person reaches hieght e.g dhirubhai ambani ( rahu in third house made an empire) or they bring him down  to ground . Rahu , saturn and ketu produce very good effect in third, sixth and eleventh house but not in other house. The presence of saturn rahu in tenth indicates his  association with liqour industry and rahu in tenth is conducive to it but not saturn and so the overall effect is to be negative.
   The Saturn dasha started in his life in 2003 and continues till 2022 the entire period is negative only some antardasha may provide relief but huge losses are inevitable. So saturn is a boon for some and curse for others and given the fact that his rashi is capricorn and moon in twelveth house  he will be also under sade sati in the same period so his problem will starting mounting from 2015 as Saturn moves in scorpio and then compond in sade sati       

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